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Good Bass Lures for Cheap

Every angler knows how important it is to have a variety of colors as well as a variety of lures, we also know that a large tackle box setup can be can be pretty expensive, especially if you are a beginner or for those that have no tackle box at all, lets divein, in how […]

Great crappie lures to use everywhere

There are plenty of fish we like to catch, mostly Bass, Carp, Catfish and if the season is good Trout, of course, this isn’t the only fish in our lakes and rivers and while we don’t target Crappie that often, we will take it when we get it or fish for them if the day […]

How To Fish With The Best Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures are the way to go when you want to have a really fun time out on the water, these lures are perfect to grab the attention of nearby fish, there is also no better way for fishing entertainment where the fish will explode out of the water to grab your Topwater Lures, they […]

The Best HDR Monitors

The Best HDR Monitors

While we see this technology over on HDTVs improving, we haven’t seen much from gaming monitors, to be frank, they don’t look nearly as good, the tech in these TVs Vs. Monitors are clear like day and night. Do not get discouraged, the ones we listed here are the improvement of all HDR monitors out […]

Biggest Games Releasing May 2018

April was a blast with God Of War and a sure treat for most PS4 gamers out there, even though I had problems with the new GOW, like the lack of bosses or a variety thereof, I can still easily say this was a title I enjoyed thoroughly on what it had to offer, it lasted […]

Tremors a Cold Day in Hell Movie Review

Tremors, one of my favorite movies of all times from when I was just a kid, first released in 1990, at this time it was a one of a kind movie, also where we first saw what Kevin Bacon can do in a Science fiction/Action film, the movie had its funny parts, its action and the scares. […]

Peter Rabbit Movie Review

The peter rabbit movie released in February of 2018, is a delightful spin-off from the book, The Tale of Peter rabbit originally released in October of 1902. Although the book and the movie host the same characters with some extras in the movie, Such as Thomas Mr. Mc Gregor nephew and Bea, Peters sweet human […]