7 Exciting Indie Games You Must Play From The Past


Indie games, you just have to love the few small projects that got some extra love from their developers, creatively thought out, good gameplay, or maybe all of this combined in a creative way, the one thing that most indie developers lack, either that, or they rush for a quick cash grab, here are the most 7 Exciting Indie Games You Must Play From The Past

We see many games come and go, some will slip a potential audience in a week or two, some will outright fail in a disaster while very few will make it as the best indie games around to date.

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Who would have thought, hey let’s make a visual novel, hey and let us also make it part action-RPG, maybe they brainstormed over this combination and felt like they don’t feel very creative just yet and thus they added some basketball elements in there as well, this is the how I know of Supergiant Games and their game Pyre.

The combination sounds extremely weird, and even so, everything is put together extremely well, you cant look past the beautiful art and introspective dialogue, Supergiant Games clearly had this planned out, though their creativity shines when it comes to the combat.

You play as a nameless person banished to the Downside among other unwanted characters, embarking a journey in unknown lands in hopes of returning to the commonwealth. The combat is what you will come back for over and over again, with teams of three you have to extinguish the opponent’s Pyre with an Orb.

Pyre is known as one of Supergiant Games best games, even though the also brought us Transistor and Bastion, while Pyre might be there best title so far, I think anyone here can agree, that alongside Stardew Valley, they are some of the best indie Ps4 games to date.

Stardew Valley

One of the best indie games I have ever played on pc, it was a remarkable game if you were into farm management and dungeon exploring, while the graphics might not cater to all of the younger generations if you don’t mind this then you have to give it a try.

It was a well-planned game, with solid engagement, taking over the farm inherent from your grandfather, it is up to you to get this old farm restored.

Prepare the soil, plant, and water a variety of veggies, once you are doing better get some livestock and use them to create other products or ingredients.

While you wait for your crops to grow, go out and explore, restock supplies, go into the dungeons and gain some fighting experience, solve a few mysterious as you progress in the game, make some friends and maybe find a girlfriend/wife to be.

Farming and dungeon exploring, it might sound like a weird combination but its all put together nicely, once you try it, you will see what we are talking about, even if it doesn’t have the best graphics or looks too old school, even this is creatively done.


A simple little platform game that will keep you busy for hours or well climbing to the top Celeste mountain will, with simple yet deep jumping mechanics makes for some interesting and fun levels, this might all sound boring but the story of Madeline’s journey to the top, learning from her emotions, her troubles and the bright vibrant and colorful characters she meets along the way, is well worth the playthrough.

Also, each level has a bunch of stuff to collect, though if you have severe epilepsy then maybe sit this one out, we don’t know give it a try and see what happens… just kidding it’s not that bad.


Definitely not meant for everyone, it might look like a child’s drawing at best, or developed by a bunch of school kids, if you can look past the retro look at best (graphical style of earthbound), then you will be in for a treat.

You play as a nameless child, cast into the underworld full of monsters and other angry beings, where you are rescued by a friendly creature, your goal is to travel to the barrier where the human world meets the monster world, meet and battle creative outlandish characters along the way.

The game was well enjoyed by a few of us here and we are sure you will as well, Undertale is great for its writing and its a must try, its one of the most highly rated indie steam games.

Into the Breach

It’s a time travel, turn-based strategy game, your goal is to save humanity from insect-like creatures called the Vek, in order to do this, the battle takes place on a small grid map, you need to place your damage positions strategically in order to knock the Vek into the ocean.

Last for the number of waves given and the level will be completed, however, focus on damage alone and the Vek will quickly overrun you.

The game will only last a few hours, even after completion we bet you will go for another round as its a whole lot of fun.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Here is an example of a game done right, even though the team is small, bigger companies and studious can learn from them, on release this game was polished to the bone and pretty much bug free, and if you played this before then you would know that this title can easily be mistaken for a triple-A game with some of the best visuals and animations we have ever seen from such an independent group of developers. Ninja Theory calls this “independent AAA proposition” meaning the titles will have a much smaller budget and price point while retaining the quality of an AAA game.

Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice tackles mental illness and psychological conditions head on, delivering a disturbing and emotional story with Melina Juergens, it has vicious third-person combat the same as Devil May Cry, though stripped down, also having the permadeath and to start all over if you die too many times, is enough to keep you on your toes, besides from that its a story to be told, so go out there and play it already.

Hyper Light Drifter

While some will hate the graphics and art style others will enjoy the visuals and creativity, no seriously not a fan of the bright hues, but if you want a challenging 2d platformer then this is the one for you, its difficult as hell, with each level sending you large hordes of enemies to deal with.

Sounds like other games it’s not, after a hellish cutscene you are thrown into this world with a gun, a sword and hopefully have good wits to deal with the level or your encounters with the enemy. Dodging and striking back must be perfect, yes its one of those games.

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