Extinction Review For Pc

Extinction Review For Pc

When announced it looked like a very nice game, it looked pretty graphical wise and the best part of all was slaying giants, later on as we approached release day for this game, a lot of rumors went around that it wouldn’t just be slaying giants and there will be a lot more to it.

Well, you know what they say about rumors? Always take it with a pinch of salt, though we really believed that this will be something fun to play due to previous trailers, either way the only thing we can say is that we all felt like we were betrayed and cheated, with the price tag this game released with, its one of the most expensive games on the stores right now, this is why we had to do a game review right away.

Extinction Review For Pc

Extinction made us believe that it will be fun and it will look decent on our screens, while it does look decent there really isn’t much to it, meaning, there is no real attempt in a story, the little bit of story that there is, isn’t captivating its rather boring, you will find your self-skipping through them, as they are only a few lines of script at the start of a mission, at the end of a mission and rarely in between.

Making things worse with the story it isn’t cutscene but spoken dialog instead, with a cutscene here and there as your progress through multiple missions, which will tell you a tiny bit of your characters past, and how they came to be, in order to fight the giants know as Revenni.

Extinction gameplay

Another disappointment, to say the least, the gameplay is pretty much straightforward with nothing really to do, you would think by killing giants that would be fun but in the end or rather in around an hour falls flat.

You need to kill Jackels they are like the grunt soldiers, here the lack of creativity is shown again as the different Jackel types are mainly just another color and nothing else, Green for weak foot soldiers, Blue Jackels for I guess longer range and a little tougher, and flying ones which you can only get to by using your whip.

Combat with the Jackels is extremely easy no matter which one you face, you can defeat them all by simply nocking them in the air, this also leaves you immune to others attack.

Combat with the Revenni giants started out fun, maybe up to where you need to fight the Revenni wearing the gold armour, here is where you realize that, that’s it, there is nothing more to it, you have to kill Jackels to charge your sword, the sword has to be charged in order to behead the giant, its a tedious task and this makes the game play worse, because, you have the charge this sword for every Revenni you want to kill, it feels like the developer had to make time up for the lack of game they have.

You can also rescue survivors to charge your blade, the reason we didn’t mention this, is because it’s just another extra, you don’t have to unless its part of the mission, other than that you can go into this Lala Land and chop up some limbs repeatedly with the same combo over and over again, cutting off limbs with also charge your rune blade.

We could easily move between giants cutting off their limbs arms, legs and move on to the next giant and doing the same, this makes the city destruction countdown pointless as the giants will never reach it, this we could do easily without rescuing survivors and without killing Jackels (unless it was part of the mission) before you know it your rune blade will be charged and ready to execute the Revenni.

Extinction Game Review

Extinction Bug report

At this price point you would expect a decent working game, or at least without game breaking bugs, there isn’t plenty of bugs, but the few that there is happens too often and yes they are game breaking, the ones we found in our playthrough on nearly every mission are the following.

  • Getting stuck on destroyed buildings or unable to run pass an object on a building like the window shields, getting stuck in destroyed buildings makes it hard to escape and will require a restart most of the time, running up buildings especially the tall ones since you cant look up is annoying and pointless especially the lookout towers as you have to maneuver at a snail pace around them, wasting to much time, making climbing them pointless.
  • Climbing the Reveni, sometimes they will try to wiggle you off or swat you with their hand, this often made your character get stuck with the weirdest camera views, either resulting in death or the game crashing.
  • Falling through the limbs this one doesn’t happen as often but when it does, its freaking annoying, its sometimes results in death as the giants can kill you with one hit, as with me where I fell through one’s neck.
  • Dodging is as good as dying most of the times, dodging works but feels flawed in so many ways that we are almost certain its bugged, when you dodge you pretty much glide away much slower then running, however, this allows the giant to miss even though its a direct hit, running away which is much faster allows the giant to still hit you and do major damage if not death.

Extinction Review For Pc our conclusion

We are generous people that will always review a movie, game or product for what it is, but at times you just have to be brutally honest and this is just one of those reviews, brutally honest, Extinction released with the same price tag as a triple-A title even more compared to some triple A titles.

  • The game isn’t interesting past the 30-60 min part.
  • The game will only last for 3-4hours some even played it through in less than 2 hours. (check youtube)
  • The game modes aren’t captivating enough to even compete on leaderboards it’s still the same thing.
  • The gameplay is very limited to what you can do on each mission, kill Jackels, Rescue survivors or run between the giants cutting off limbs to build up rune energy.
  • It doesn’t come with many bugs, but the few bugs there is happens way too often.
  • It lacks an interesting story as it only contains a few dialogs at every mission start and ends in a very short burst, it’s not an interesting story and you will end up skipping through them as they feel like chatter.
  • Should have known from the small download size, not exactly a con but it sure as hell says a lot about the game.

It’s simply not worth it, it’s not worth the money, maybe if you can get it on a very generous discount on steam, for maybe $10 then maybe, although it will still be everything above, just another giant-killing game or in this case a giant mess, for Ps4 users, the discounts are never really that good and I would recommend you stay clear of any price tag on this game unless offered for free for PSN members, the same for Xbox users.

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