Good Bass Lures for Cheap

Every angler knows how important it is to have a variety of colors as well as a variety of lures, we also know that a large tackle box setup can be can be pretty expensive, especially if you are a beginner or for those that have no tackle box at all, lets divein, in how to solve this at the most cost-effective way.

Here are the few ways you can deal with this

  • Know the waters you want to fish and what fish you will be targeting, ask a known fisherman that fish the area regularly and buy only what you need and what he/she prefers. This is one way to get the info you need or you can ask on forums, knowing what lures you can use will make buying lures much easier for beginners and more cost effective if you know what works best. This is one of the best ways to find the best lures and baits at cheap, instead of buying a bunch that you won’t be needing.
  • For those that fish many different rivers/lakes/dams and seas, you can always buy everything you think you might need or want to try at a one-time large fee, and then simply restock minimum amounts of your collection each passing month or as your lures are depleting. It’s, not one of the cheapest ways of doing this but its the most effective way to fish, especially if you fish different areas and at different times, you will have one large fee at let’s say $200, then every month as you fish and lose inventory or as they get broken you only restock that, this allows for a cheap monthly fishing hobby. FYI, $200 might seem like a lot for only baits and lures but it really isn’t, though, $200 is a good start.
  • If you are a serious beginner, get cheap lures, different types and sizes, use them to practice the many different techniques, instead of using expensive lures, this will save any beginner a lot of money as well.
  • If you know what fish you are targeting you can always look up best all-around lures and baits, like the one we are viewing now for Bass in particular, lists like this one can be found pretty much on any fish (Yes on our site as well), getting info like this will allow you to buy a decent selection but most importantly it will allow you to buy different lures that will work pretty much anywhere.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Only All Round Lures Allowed Here

Plastic Worms

Plastic Worms 1
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Some love it, some hate it, its high on the list because you can catch pretty much any bass you like with these all year round, not only that you can get them everywhere for a cheap price, and thus we will always recommend having a few of these in your tackle box.

There is a wide range available in different sizes, colors, making them ideal for any weather and water conditions, hot days, warm days, clear water, it really doesn’t matter, there is defiantly something here you can use, just keep your inventory of plastic worms mixed for all of these conditions.

The key to using plastic worms is to go slow and steady while keeping the line tight, so it’s definitely not for the impatient anglers out there, there are plenty of ways to set up a rig yourself, though the most common ones you can buy are the Wacky Rig, Carolina Rig, Drop Shot Rig and the Texas Rig, the ones you want will all depend on the presentation you want it to achieve.

We would highly recommend having a go with the Texas rigs, they are ideal for bass and they are entirely weedless, which is the perfect choice for fishing in vegetation or grass beds without getting stuck on anything, this makes it perfect for beginners and pros alike.

There are plenty of ways to fish with Rubber/Plastic worms, but one of the most effective, is to simply lift the rod tip up slowly to mimic a worm swimming to the surface, then lowering your tip, to mimic a worm sinking naturally, Bass will also pick them up from the bottom, so you can let them sink all the way and wait a few seconds before you raise the worm again.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Plastic Worms

Bass Jigs

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While Bass Jigs isn’t for everyone, they are effective all year round, they are simply not the easiest lures to fish with, they require a little more skill in order to use them effectively compared to others.

If you want to catch big Bass, then we would recommend you start practicing with these, because that’s exactly what they do, while we have caught big bass with everything on this list, none of them catch the big ones more frequently then these Bass Jigs.

You will have to practice and master pitching and flipping techniques rather than long distance casting and this is why it’s harder to fish with, its a challenge at the start for new anglers but once you pick it up it’s defiantly worth it.

Not only will you need to learn how to pitch, skip, swim, flip them, you will also need to keep the line tight and stay focused as some of the bites can be clear as day, but sometimes it can be light, where even the most seasoned bass fishermen won’t detect it, keep the line tight in order to feel these softer bites.

There are many different Jig styles but the best one to use is an Arkie Jig, they are excellent for pretty much all techniques and styles of fishing, Bass jigs are always paired with a trailer the trailer you use will also depend on your style of fishing with these jigs, like Grass Pig Paddle Tail trailer is a great option if you are swimming a jig.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Bass Jigs


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They might come as a surprise to new anglers at how effective these Spinnerbaits are, with their odd appearance, but they are great at covering a lot of water while attracting any nearby bass, they are also fairly weedless making them easy to use in slight to medium density grass beds.

Consisting of a spinning blade or multiple spinning blades, dangling from on end of bent wire, these blades are used to attract the fishes attention with sight as well as sound, and it can draw their attention from many yards away, due to the spinning action, it allows the blades to flash and vibrate, when bass sees spinnerbaits in action they actually only see the flash from the blades and the skirted head.

Spinnerbaits are also easy to fish with because its only in a straight retrieve, you can always let them sink and let the blade spin naturally or rather flutter as it sinks, you can also jerk the rod from time to time, sometimes that’s all the bass needs to take this bait when they are being finicky.

There are plenty of weights to pick from as well as the blades, the most common weights are 1/4 and 3/4 oz, and the most used is 3/8 oz, there are also different blades and styles of blades, these will add or reduce resistance in the water, making each one give a different presentation in the water and controls the speed at which the bait travels, the most commonly used are the Indiana blade, Willow blade and the Colorado blade.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Spinnerbaits


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This Lure can cover a large area of water in very short amounts of time, it’s also the go-to bait for pro fisherman Kevin Vandams under most conditions, you can find these in a wide range of sizes, weights, and running depths.

We will also add that this isn’t for the beginner sure you can give it a try but the size, weight and running depth will actually determine if you are going to land one or not, so having this experience is a must and will surely make it easier to select the right crankbait to use.

Besides from selecting the right crankbait to use in the right depth of water you are fishing, they are easy to fish with since its a straight cast and retrieve, a few random jerks on the rod tip will encourage the bass to grab it, so make sure to do that at random, all you pretty much have to do is decide which weight and what color to use, having this incorrect can mean no bite at all.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Crankbaits

Topwater Lures


Topwater Lures are fun to use because no other bait or lure on this list will give you the experience like this one, it’s actually all in the name, and one way to see bass come up to the surface to grab the bait.

They are designed to ripple in the waters when you retrieve, and this attracts the bass, for them its prey in distress and an easy meal, there are downsides to this lure and the biggest one being, bass will often miss this lure and there for you shouldn’t retrieve it to fast, once a Bass surface for it, you should give it some time to get a good bite before setting the hook.

You have a large selection, there are plenty of weedless topwater lures though most hard baits comes fitted with a treble hook, they are most effectively used next to the edges of grass beds or other thick vegetation including stumps, shorelines or any other cover, you can also fish with them in open water if the conditions allow it.

The best time to fish with these is in the morning or late afternoon or at night, especially on calm days, if the water is calm, bass will easily be able to see your lure compared to windy or rainy weather conditions, take this in consideration when selecting colors and sizes.

Good Bass Lures for Cheap: Topwater Lures

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