Great crappie lures to use everywhere

There are plenty of fish we like to catch, mostly Bass, Carp, Catfish and if the season is good Trout, of course, this isn’t the only fish in our lakes and rivers and while we don’t target Crappie that often, we will take it when we get it or fish for them if the day is going slow, here are some great crappie lures to use everywhere, these lures has never let us down, in most of the waters we fish, the only thing you have to do is mix and match, get them on the hook and start fishing.

Tubes / Squirts

Whether you call them Tubes or Squirts, they will fill a boat with Crappie in no time, they are available at any fishing and tackles stores in any color combination, this is a famous bait across the country simply because they are so easy to find in what ever color you want, we would reccommend getting a few, famous brands were Southern Pro lil Hustler Tubes, Squirmin Squirts from the Bass Pro Tournament Series and Mr. Crappie Tubes, rig it on a jig head and you are good to go, they are easy to fish with and you cant go wrong.

Bobby Garland Baby Shad

Another Lure we had plenty of success with, you can rig them up on a jig belly up or down and this will effect how the bait falls through the water column, there are plenty of color combination to pick from, while one might not work another one could, dull colors work exceptionally well in clear water but feels useless in dark murky waters, bright colors work best in dark murky waters but again feels useless in clear water, we experienced this at the majority of fishing spots we visit for crappie and thus you should atleast get both dull and bright colors for best success.

Note that depending on the conditions, crappie might be close to the surface or if its cold they will be deeper in the water, Garland Baby Shad manufactured mostly by Gene Larew are rigged on open hook jig heads 1/32oz – 1/8oz, you will need different weights due to the top conditions of either cold or warm, or you can always do your own jig heads, it takes longer and can be done wrong but there is no better way than to meet the water depth demands.

Single Tail Grubs

Another lure that deserves to be in your tackle box, like most lures and baits out there you can find them in different sizes and color combinations, single, 2 tone colors as well as three colors, all have a place in your tackle box and you need all if you are fishing different water conditions, we normally don’t target crappie, but when the days are slow we will use these.

Again like most baits and lures bright colors for dark murky waters and dull more natural colors for clear waters.

Road Runners

The best crappie catchers are the Road runners, there are many to pick from, diffrent body combinations and colors, its fun to fish with them as we have caught plenty of bass witht them as well, and they work best in open waters, they have enough attraction for crappie and bass alike, while we do use road runners and keep a few in our tackles boxes we will always still preffer using stickbaits and tube squirts over the rest on this list, however having a few diffrent lures is never a bad idea.


Anyone that have used stickbaits before, will be able to tell you that there are sometimes no other way to catch big crappie, especially if you use the smaller stick baits like Lucky craft pointer 78 this and other small stickbaits are best suited for crappie, it will entice the biggest crappie out of the school. Having more of these with some tubes/ squirts, and a few roadrunners, and you are all set, for crappie as well as bass.

If you have no baits or lures, buying sets is sometimes much cheaper then buying them individually.

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