How To Fish With The Best Topwater Lures

Topwater Lures are the way to go when you want to have a really fun time out on the water, these lures are perfect to grab the attention of nearby fish, there is also no better way for fishing entertainment where the fish will explode out of the water to grab your Topwater Lures, they are also one of the best ways to catch huge Bass.

We figured this is the perfect time to share the most popular Topwater Fishing Lures, including the rod and reel setup and the best locations and areas to use them, we also included a technique for each one and the best tested topwater lures at a good price, every angler should have.

How To Fish With The Best Topwater Lures

Hollow Bodied Frogs

topwater lures frogs

Where to Use: One of the best baits to use and certainly the most fun, bass tend to hang around in matted vegetation, thanks to the Hollow Bodied frogs weedless designs, it’s the go-to bait if you want to fish grass beds or any other vegetation, you should also try them underneath docks and laydowns.

Rod/Reel/Line Setup: A heavy or extra heavy flipping rod 7 1/2 or longer with a high speed 7.1:1 reel and heavy 50-60 pound braided line.

How: Cast the frog into your selected area, grass beds, and other heavy vegetation is the perfect place to cast these frogs, slowly twitch it along, you can pause and walk and even twitch it in place once you come to a hole or open space. These frogs can easily be missed by bass so don’t do it to fast, once the bass grabs it, you must wait for the frog to be completely submerged before setting the hook.

Best Hollow Bodied Frogs

Buzz Baits

topwater lures buzz baits

Where to Use: when Bass are shallow and feeding then these Buzz Baits are extremely effective, you can work your buzz bait along the shallow grass, docks and other loose vegetation as their designs are quite weedless.

Note some cheap designs isn’t as weedless as portrayed in a product picture.

Rod/Reel/Line Setup: Best setup here, is a 7 foot medium to heavy bait caster equipped with a 6.4:1 reel and spooled with 30-pound braid.

How: You want to cast past the structure you are trying to fish and then retrieve fast enough to keep it on the surface but also not to fast as you want to try and create a good bubbly trail, if you are getting short strikes you can always add a trailer, mix and match until you find what they are looking for.

Best Buzzbaits

Popper Topwater Fishing

topwater lures poppers

Where to Use: Popper is the ultimate topwater lure for target fishing, they are easy to cast and generate large strikes if the bass is close to covering shoreline, it is one of the best lures if you want to fish any shoreline covers like laydowns, grass patches, and docks.

Rod/Reel/Line Setup: a 7-foot medium strength, fast action casting setup, 13-15 pound monofilament on a high speed 7.1:1 is ideal, though make note that fluorocarbon with a popper will sink and hurt the action.

How: Cast to any cover, grass beds, docks, let the bait set before retrieving it with a series of pauses and pops, mix your pause timing until you receive bites, then stick with it, to maximise the efficiency work your bait about 4 feet from your target, most strikes are within 2-4 feet from the cover, once you pass this mark you can reel in and cast again.

Best Popper Top Water Fishing

Walk-The-Dog Stick Baits

Walk-The-Dog Stick Baits

Where to Use: Stick baits are perfect in open water, or when bass are feeding on shad, work your bait over riprap and river grass lines or anywhere else where bass will wait for baitfish.

Rod/Reel/Line Setup: a 7-foot medium strength rod with a fast 7.1:11 reel, you can either spool it with 15-pound mono or 30-pound braid.

How: You want to cast past your target (like grass lines) and retrieve slowly while twitching the rod tip, you can also mix in a few pauses especially if a fish swirl your stick bait, it’s not that bad of a learning curve, actually its very easy and once you pick up on it, you will have plenty of bites in no time.

Best Stick Baits


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