The Best HDR Monitors

The Best HDR Monitors

While we see this technology over on HDTVs improving, we haven’t seen much from gaming monitors, to be frank, they don’t look nearly as good, the tech in these TVs Vs. Monitors are clear like day and night. Do not get discouraged, the ones we listed here are the improvement of all HDR monitors out there.

While none of them come cheap, to say the least, they are all in the right direction, stick around because at the end of this post we will reveal some good news for 4K gaming and HDR enthusiast. That’s if you can afford it.

The Best HDR Monitors

Samsung CHG90 - Super Ultra Wide HDR Display..but not 4K

This behemoth of a display is a one of a kind, with a size of 49 inches, yes 49 inches (124cm) diagonally and if that is too big then you can always get the 32 inch or 27 inches.

Its a widescreen monitor with insane or abnormal resolution at 3,840 x 1,080 resolution, 32:9 aspect ratio, that also means that this super ultra wide monitor will crop certain things at certain times with black bars on both sides, mainly in movies, luckily it has, picture in picture support, the way we have it setup, is having our work on the left and other means of entertainment on the right, this will divide the monitor in a 16:9 ratio equally and eliminate the black bars.

Gaming on the full screen at a ratio of 32:9 kind of feel weird at this ratio, this also means you either have to sit far away, which makes gaming on it feel rather lousy due to it being a widescreen monitor, on the other hand, sit to close to the monitor, and you will definitely have to turn your head left and right continuously during gameplay, you will also need some pretty decent hardware to game on this monitor at 60FPS and above.

Samsung CHG90 - Super Ultra Wide HDR Display..but not 4K

While it does not support G-Sync, it does have flicker free tech in there and it does support free sync, the flickering is at a bare minimum, we suppose as we didn’t encounter any flickering or tearing at all with the games we tested, that being CS go, Doom, Just Cause 3, GTA 5, Resident Evil 7 and Battlefield 1.

While the colors on this monitor aren’t as sharp as others, it is still quoted for the highest brightness, with it being the first certified Display HDR 600 monitor, this with the fact that it also has a refresh rate of 144Hz combined with Samsungs QLED technology makes for a great gaming experience if you ever wanted a super ultra wide monitor like this, and if you can afford the steep price tag on it.

Amazon sells this monitor for around a $1000, where other sites and retailers will range from $1000-$1,500, depending on where you buy.

Want something smaller from this Samsung line?

If you were hoping for something smaller then you are in luck, you can also go with the following Samsung monitors, either with a 27Inch (68Cm) or a 32 inch (81Cm) this is the CHG70 Model, they are exactly the same as the behemoth above except for the size and the resolution, both the 27 inch and the 32 inch will have resolution of 2560 x 1440, 16:9 ratio, this resolution feels much better to game on and even watch movies.

If you are big on multiple work tasks then the 49inch is perfect to have everything on a single monitor, if it’s just for gaming then you should settle for either the 27inch or 32 inches, they are perfect with the same specs and tech, 144Hz refresh rate, including HDR and Samsungs QLED technology, still they only support Free Sync and not G Sync. These smaller monitors also have a much better price than the 49 inch.

Four more HDR monitors to meet your demands

LG 32UD99-W – 32inch of entertainment, 4k movies, and console gaming.

LG 32UD99-W - 32inch of entertainment, 4k movies, and console gaming.

The super ultra wide 49inch monitor above is recommended but the wide-angle isn’t for everyone, especially with its size diagonally and its resolution, if you are looking for something more traditional and in the norm then this LG might just be for you.

The LG 32UD99-W offers a 4K panel, 16:9 with HDR 10 support and a wide Color gamut, straight out of the box combining decent contrast with a wide color gamut it looks fantastic, and its perfect for 4k movies, designing and workflow, though it is not the best monitor for pc gaming but its an absolute beast if you want to enjoy 4k content with other HDR content Youtube looks stunning.

While not the best monitor for pc gaming you can always hook up your PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X and the games will look absolutely great, this monitor is ideal for users using there computer for work, like content creation, 3d designs, watching or wanting to watch 4k content, while enjoying there console games in maximum detail.

LG 32UD99-W - 32inch of entertainment, 4k movies, and console gaming.

We didn’t test Xbox one X (But a friend did) we only tested the PS4 pro and boy, Uncharted has always looked good even on 1080P but never has it looked this good on a 4K display with a maximum 550Nits, for Pc gaming, some games worked fine while others had a lot of noticeable tearing, even when it does have free sync.

The only downside for this monitor is the price ranging anywhere from $900 – $1000, for a 4K monitor 32inch we expected something a little more affordable. We would rather get one of the Samsungs products above either their 27 inches or the 32 inch.


BenQ SW320 – The best Monitor for Profesional Users.

BenQ SW320 - The best Monitor for Profesional Users.

This 4K HDR monitor is clearly aimed at professional users, with the color accuracy combined with HDR technology all in a 31.5 inch, it’s easily one of the best-looking monitors on this list, one can only appreciate the rich color and clarity this IPS monitor puts out (99% AdobeRGB)

With the build in hardware calibration, you can easily set it to match your project and customize the color palette to your tastes, with another mode where you can preview your images or work in black and white, so you can easily view them in monochrome before making the required adjustments, not a special feature but we had to put that out there.

This monitor is aimed at a professional users that require it for work, like designing models or for photography, that said, for that reason alone, it has a hefty price tag, jip it costs $1500, to make things even worse it has no sync technology jip, not even free sync and with only a 60Hz refresh rate, its a sore sight to game on.

We will also recommend buying this at a retailer locally.


Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ – 4k Gaming at its best.

Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ - 4k Gaming at its best.

The Swift PG27uw has to be the best 4k Hdr gaming monitor on this list or compared to any other 4k monitor, not on this list, it has everything a gamer expects, its only 27 inches but that’s what most gamers settle for anyways.

Having a 4k monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz with G-Sync and full HDR support, this is the monitor you want if you are looking for an HDR 4K Gaming monitor.

To make the monitor look even better, is that they included their Quantum-dot technology, combined with an IPS display, provides brighter imagery and supports the cinema-standard DCI-P3 color gamut. DCI-P3 enables a 25% wider color range than sRGB, resulting in more realistic color reproduction.

The ROG Swift PG27UQ features G-SYNC™ High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology for a 1000-nit peak brightness, controlled across 384 zones.

If you have seen someone playing at 4K then you know it looks absolutely amazing, but wait until you see 4K gaming with HDR this good running at 144Hz and you will never go back.

The only downside is that if you want this monitor, you will need a beefy system to game on after all it is 4K.

To see more about this product you will have to go to Asus webpage and see more there for all the full details.

Asus see the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ Here

Or settle for this one maybe? No? Ok, it also has G-Sync

Acer ET322QK – One of the better looking HDR displays at a cheap price.

Acer ET322QK - One of the better looking HDR displays at a cheap price

32inch 4K monitor with HDR support at a fair price, you would think there are a lot of compromises, but there really isn’t, and for the bargain price at only $450, you get what you pay for.

A good looking 4k monitor with HDR support, with only 300 nits the picture quality won’t be as bright as any of the other monitors on this list but it is there and it will look good if this is your first 4K HDR monitor.

I will say its also driven a little bit more to AMD users as it does have at least Free Sync included, but the compromises besides the only 300 nits, it only has a 60Hz refresh rate.

This monitor is a bargain if you only want to enjoy your 4K content and some gaming.


With all the monitors above you wont go wrong if you select the right one for your needs, if you are only going to watch some HDR 4K content go with the cheap one, for gaming go with Asus, if you like the Behemoth Super ultra-wide monitor from Samsung and its QLEd technology for multiple tasks and some gaming then you won’t go wrong.

Bigger is better and Bigger is coming

This will cost an arm and a leg we are absolutely sure of that, but for those that can afford it, it will surely be money well spent, yes we are talking about the giant monitors Nvidia is working on, they are massive 65inch in size that is (165Cm) and they have all the features the most modern gamer demands.

That include

  • A huge display
  • Amazing HDR tech
  • G-Synch
  • High refresh rates
  • 4K

We always see compromises in 4k displays, gamers complain about it all over the internet, sometimes the low refresh rate, no g-sync or no free sync there is always something.

Nvidia responded to this and now we are getting an all in one package of everything needed to make 4K content great, the only downside will be the price guaranteed.

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The Best HDR Monitors
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